Accidents and Travel Time in New York City

We are interested in the tradeoff between travel time and historical location of accidents. The map to the left shows historical accident frequency (yellow smaller circles for fewer accidents, red larger circles for more accidents). Click beginning and end points on the map. Drag the slider bar to left to get the quickest path, and to the right to get the least accident-prone path. On the map,

  • the blue solid line is the "best" path for this tradeoff
  • the white dashed line is the quickest path.
Our goal is to see how intertwined accidents are in the mobility behavior of a city.

Visualization by:

  • Lucas Gong (lead)
  • Kehan Li
  • Ziwei Liu


  • Daniel Carmody
  • Richard Sowers

Project director: Richard Sowers, Professor, University of Illinois

Publication: D. Carmody and R. Sowers. Tradeoffs between Safety and Time: A Scale-Free Routing View. Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies, vol. 108, pp. 357--377 (2019).

Code: https://gitlab.engr.illinois.edu/VisionZero/Visualization.git

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